Collective Sea

Here we are all gathered,
In a collective sea of minds.
One rises from the endless ocean,
And is where all can see.
There I will watch you,
Rising above us all.

Through the waves and masses,
I wander towards you.
Beneath you, I see your feet.
Your eyes are closed,
And your body is naked.

All the ocean looks upon you,
And you open your eyes to see.
But you do not see me.
You see but an endless sea.
Yet you never see just me.
As I see only you above.

Beneath you I walk away,
To leave the endless sea
Of collective minds are we,
So I may leave this place.
I leave my heart behind,
So that you may yet see.

During my tempest of escape,
I turn towards you.
For a moment, your eyes are on me.
A glance, then you look away.
All the while I wonder,
If you ever saw just me.

Near the edge I take a look,
One last look at you.
You are above us all.
You are above me.
My heart is below you,
In a sea of collective minds.

  1. Beautiful writing. Look out for my pingback on this one!

    • randomguy
    • May 28th, 2010

    jaded16 is right! Your blog is cool. Looking forward to reading more. neat poem BTW.

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