The Ultimate Battle of the Shlongs

Okay, okay, I know that men are known to fight each other and grab a beer after. Friends punch each other in the face, and laugh about it. They get a leg chopped off, and talk about it for weeks like a funny joke. Typical, right? For men?

Not for me.

I cannot stand fighting one bit! Fighting destroyed my relationships, my friendships, and even broke apart my family. Punching, hitting, and being aggressive isn’t in my playing book either. I yell to express my enjoyment of yelling, sure, but I have not called a friend a cum-guzzling faggot jew.  How come we guys do this? How is it accepted even? Mark my words and tone, for I am not homosexual. Okay, there was a period of time in middle school that people called me gay constantly, so I being very anti-social… wondered, hmm… am I really gay? But no, I’m not. Just ask my ex gf.. wait, don’t ask her. I don’t even want to think about her anymore. Oh, what horrors people can do to each other. Mind you, I hurt her as much as she hurt me.

Moving on! The limitation to the whole “man fighting” thing that I partake is calling my good friends “fag” for purposes of messing around with them. “oh, that’s just horrible!” you might say, however… we don’t have any connection in our heads to someone being gay! Except, for some reason, today. (This was actually weeks ago.) My friend and I were trading names at each other, but somewhere he decided to use the humor that goes to extreme limits, and called me other horrible names. Although I got the humor, I didn’t like what he had said to me in general. < This was a complete shock to him. I avoided his long, long, LONG rant demonizing me and went straight to his dad. You see, my Xbox 360 was at his house at the time, and I felt it was a good time as ever to plan the great exodus of my gaming console to my house. This particular friend and I can’t actually discuss anything together. He has to play the BIGGER MAN always, and stand up taller than me to make a point, and the ONLY point possible which is his. Otherwise, we don’t talk for a few days if I continue to challenge him.

This is the Stigma of Men. As is said in Red Dead Redemption (Rock Star Games) By the Marshall, “Cowards in large groups are the most dangerous of all.” Allow me to make this statement to all men. Ahem. All men who share the same Stigma of always wanting power over the opposite sex,  your friends, family, race and sexuality, you are COWARDS. Cowards to the bone. Anger, violence, swearing, and hostility are all signs of fear, delusion and stupidity. For those reasons, I support feminists. How can modest women even battle against belligerent apes? Heh, before the trolls attack, women can be belligerent apes too… with extra fire from their periods.  < this is kind of a joke, I guess?

Simply, if a man wanted to be less of a coward, he would choose to negotiate and talk without switching to ARG, ANGRY mode. You know, talk. Express feelings, cry, and still be himself. [To the Dudes who would say “I’m not going to open up and be a fucking woman! I’m a MAN! ARG, ANGRY!” I have but one thing to reveal. Ahem. We are all women to begin with, the XY is a genetic flaw, XX is the greater sex in terms of genetic purity, as well as being genetically stronger. All in all, we’re a tragic mutation that will not last another 10,000 years. We’re SOL, men.] With that in mind, all I have to say to the angry Dudes who would be so frightened to share their feelings and get it over with is: stop being afraid of being vulnerable. What is the advantage of being greater than the opposite sex, or for that matter, the very same gender? < This question applies to both Dudes and Doe’s, actually.

Get it right: There is NO advantage! By engaging in conflict and fighting wars we have become farther from Peace than ever. Humanity is its own predator and prey. Soon we face the Apocalypse derived by MANKIND. People, this Earth is stable to support life. To support creatures of prey, and to support us! Why have we chosen to fight over what is granted to us as a species in a planet this tiny in a vast universe so unimaginably large?

Men, we fight. But why? Our history is a bloody lineage of life and death, violence and craving for lust. We have fought wars over women, gold, glory, god, and territory. All the different races of the world have only proven that Humans are the most adaptable creature on Earth. Let us begin to adapt to the NOW. Look at our technological feats, our tolerance and acceptance of world issues, and brave minds willing to challenge their fates and lives for the greater good of Humanity. Do people realize that the money spent on the Iraq War could have taken a space station to the moon? Put men and women on Mars? What about all the people being forced to create nuclear weapons of destruction? Nuclear power is possibly the key to space travel! American Aircraft Carriers are powered by Nuclear Reactors that only need replacing after decades! Imagine what we could do to ships in space? How many times must we face the threat of nuclear war because we are COWARDS before we brave our destiny beyond our planet?

How many times must men fight over one woman before they let her choose who she wants?

Once more, I do not appreciate the Stigma of Men who choose to fight. As by now, we can all tell. Will men change their minds and wills to accept that we need a change for ourselves? Probably not! All of humanity is far too afraid.

    • Peter
    • June 14th, 2010

    I like your honest opinion on masculinity. Especially our American masculinity which is full of hubris and dangerous stereotypes. As I asked on Jaded’s blog too, what are your suggestions on being a veritable feminist ally?

  1. Your request has been answered on her blog! Well, shortly any way.

  1. June 10th, 2010

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