Mowing the Lawn

Dear folks,

The title isn’t a metaphor regarding some silly event that has happened my life – it actually is about mowing the lawn.

This week I was told to mow the lawn – a chore that I abhor. /rhyme. Why? I have many reasons, dear reader!

As many of thou may or may not know, I am a Humanist, bent towards HumanProgress and expansion. Yet, I HATE mowing the lawn. Here is why.

How many homes for insects and other natural dwellers can we destroy with a single feel swoop of the push mower? Literally hundreds. Thousands, for the MicroOrganismInclined. Whenever I push the mower and cut grass, I see dozens or more insects and aphids rise from the ground and fly away in confusion.  Or, they fly onto me, and bite my skin! This usually leaves a welt, or some kind of bodily reaction that itches a lot. So, what really grinds me gears has to do with nature. Unattended grass looks beautiful, and the creatures that choose to eat the green weeds over our “precious” flowers is great. Not only does cutting the grass aid in letting nature die repeatedly, but it also makes the lawn look like a 12-Year Old’s new buzz-cut. Example:

Next is the smell… oh, the horrible smell! Why does fresh cut grass smell so awful? Because, the lawn has suddenly become the land of the DEAD. Probably the only benefit of cutting grass is harvesting what you cut off, and feeding it to the compost pile. It degrades into a very disgusting mush and bile paste that plants and flowers “love” to eat. Are you getting this, reader? Plants eat other plants of different variations. To grow. To live. To taste good… apparently?

What I really like in a front yard is utter chaos – Nature at its best. Example:

TopLeft: My back yard, or a portion of it. What you see there is wild Strawberries and grass over gravel.

TopRight: My neighbor’s field. The grass is three feet tall, and surrounds a barn used for storage. That small section reminds me of the pastures often displayed on “Little House on the Prairie.”

Although those neighbors mow that lawn once a month, it grows back at such a horrendous pace, I wonder if they have made it a hobby rather than a chore to cut it.  However if it were MY yard, I would never cut it at all! I see kittens running and frolicking, small field mice crawl into my back yard through the fence to eat the bird food, raccoons stalk the bushes, and birds enjoy the tall tree branches. I have even seen a few snakes in there.

There is a positive Humanist Advantage for letting your yard become a jungle, my friends. You see, plants and trees grow based on photosynthesis and breath carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. The more of these plants that there are in your yard, you provide the atmosphere with air. Not to mention, you become quite popular with nature (see above: animals.)

Next to my house as a tall, fourteen foot high Ash that was growing onto the side of the house. It produced berries which the birds ate – alas, they are poisonous to humans. It was a beautiful tree, and though it was causing no threat to the house itself, my father cut it down because he feared having the tree become a hazard by other means. All that was left was a wee stump… Guess what is sprouting now?

As you can see, we cannot truly dominate nature. Animals might go extinct, people may die, but plants continue to thrive as long as they have roots! Hazaah! Go Ash, go! We as Humans MUST respect nature for all it is and can do to us. Literally, it can do a lot. What if trees just decided to use their anti-predatorial gasses onto us, so that we harmed each other? The Happening.

Short post is not so short, but I am going to let it go from here on. Long story short, I don’t like to mow the lawn, because Mother Nature can strangle to death what she brings to life.

    • Matty
    • July 5th, 2010

    Or MAYBE you’re just lazy and don’t want to mow the lawn 🙂 Oh hey, nice blog.

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