Adventure no.1: Seattle Space Needle

Howdy Folks!

Today I bring you the first of my newest post! Adventure! For this very first post of Adventure, I am going to show you and describe my day in Seattle, including the high-ride up into the Space Needle!

The Seattle Space Needle was constructed in 1963 for the Northwest World’s Fair.  < Citation needled.

Many events surround the Space Needle, as it is the pride of Seattle. The Pilots of the Blue Angels soar in circles around the tower. People base jump from the top (I actually have seen a few people do this, and one of them broke her ankle, haha.) It stands around 600 feet tall in total, however I went 520 feet for the 360 degree outlook. In the 1970’s, before there were safety guards built, three people committed suicide by voluntarily jumping from the outlook to plummet to their death. Others have attempted, however they were coaxed back inside by police negotiators. Such is the way of the world.

Although not as tall as other towers, such as the CN building in Toronto, the Space Needle gives us a great view of the entire region of Seattle, Puget Sound, and all around. I took a few pictures, so you may enjoy the view too!

After I took pictures, I decided to go into the Cafe located inside the outlook hobby. It was typical Starbucks ™ coffee, paninis, and other “fancier” foods. Also, they had Select Wines. I myself had the Panini with Southwest Chicken, and a “glass” of Chardonnay. Being that I was 520 feet in the air, it didn’t take but the glass to give me a buzz. It went down fast, dissolved fast, and entered my brain within ten minutes. This was when I took the descent back into the city streets. It didn’t take long for me to stop feeling so woozy. I did enjoy singing Trololo in public, however.

I greatly enjoyed the view of Seattle from the tower. Although it is nowhere near as tall as other structures, it is definitely something to be proud of. Well, except just how expensive it is. I do suggest going to the top, and perhaps eating at the restaurant at the 500 foot mark. It revolves slowly, so you can see all of Seattle while you eat. It is a comfortable speed, so that you don’t throw up food should you feel ill from spinning. I did not and have not been to this restaurant, although I hear it too is expensive, and lavished.

Well, without further delay, here is a small gallery of images I took while gallivanting around Seattle!

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