Oppression is the Opiate of the Weak

Here in America we see all sorts of oppression: the KKK against all non-white races, job discrimination against sexes and races, as well as opposing gays in the military branches. Once in a while, we the WhiteFolk, try to walk into oppression to say, that we too, are oppressed.

When reading ‘A Lesson Before Dying‘ in the 12th grade of High School, we learned the difference between racism as a general claim and also Chromism. To be easily defined, Chromism is the racism between shades of colors in a particular race. A darker black might be Chromist against a lighter black, simply because a WhiteMale or WhiteFemale had birthed that mixed child. The darker in most races, the most pure to their race. Hatred in this form is just as aggressive as the rest, but Whitefolk have something else oppressing us. Becoming the supposed Minority.

The more minor we as a race we become, the more afraid we are. The Klan will do anything to grow in number against others, employees may be jealous of their different-race co-workers. All the while, the WhiteFolk make it harder on themselves in many, many ways that a lot of people do not see, or fail to see. This falls into the Chromism category, though it mostly has to do with the Region you were born in, and How Much Money You Earn Yearly. For us and other races, we are fighting from multiple fronts within our own core.

Rememeber this. Always.

Remember this. Always.

This doesn’t mean that we as a RACE are being oppressed. Individuals from any race, including WhiteFolk such as I, can claim to be oppressed. Simply, because we all are, to some degree. In general, it is a matter of perspective and experience. Anyone who works for minimum wage (currently $8.55/hour) may be overworked, and consider themselves “oppressed.” In addition, if a white male and a black female apply for the same job, should the black female attain the job instead of the white male, he will claim oppression – despite how much more experience she may have over him that got her the job in the first place. So we see the idea and perspective of oppression all the time. Now in my experience where I work, a general thrift-store, I work with a large variety of races. In my team alone, we have four WhiteMales, including myself. An older KoreanMale, a BlackMale, a HispanicMale, and a WhiteFemale. Our supervisors are a BlackMale, a PakistaniMale, and a WhiteFemale. We all work effectively together as a team, regardless of our races or age. This makes me rather proud to be working where I do.

WhiteFolk who say they are being oppressed – really aren’t. Not the way they like to think they are anyway.

For one, it is nigh-impossible for a WhiteStraightMale to be oppressed. It is almost impossible for him NOT to be a racist (unless the said person works very hard to erase this bigotry). I know this to be true, because I cannot say that I haven’t sinned against my fellow people. People, as in, everyone. All people. I don’t treasure WhiteFolk as “my people.”

Entry into humansim: If we all treasure all people as our people, then we will be free.

The main point of this post now is to define WhiteStraightMale oppression. Quite literally, it is impossible for a WSM to be oppressed. At any time, he can use extreme racism and racist defense to win any argument, if he even needs to go that route. In American Schools, WhiteStraightMales bully each other. But when someone that they can all agree they dislike comes along, they all join together to bully that individual. Only after they have broken him/her, will they continue to bully each other. White individuals are less likely to be a part of some gang, than Blacks or Hispanics, and there is a very important reason. Chromism. Gangs fight one another, even if they are the same race, mainly due to Region, Chromism, or Money. But there is only one kind of WhitePerson: White. In their own race, there are people like Rednecks, CityFolk, Suburbians, and Urbanites. They can all agree on one point: We’re White. If a gang decides to declare war against any one WhitePerson, you can bet that there will be three times as many WhiteFolks joining together against that gang than there is inside the gang. Mainly: The Police. Gangs often succumb to violence because they are completely surrounded, and tiny compared to Whitey, and the Police. Since they are more aggressive, it comes with the awful price of being targets to the FBI, CIA, and Civil Protection. Yet if they do not react with aggression, they will simply be oppressed by WhiteFolk. No matter where they turn, they are being put down. Their only real options are to succumb to which ever vice they can seek, or become “White” and internalize this “Whiteness”.

This is old news, but WhiteFolk have something known as Racial Privilege. Considering all the wars that WhiteMen have waged and won, all the nations they have uprooted, and all the peoples they have enslaved, and even those who they helped for being helped, there is a terrible moral code that makes other colors fear or hate Whiteness. Although, I may mention that Whiteness does not always only refer to WhiteFolk. On the contrary, Whiteness is considered an IDEAL.

Another reason why WhiteFolk cannot be so easily oppressed, is simply because we have not been enforced as slaves since the Greek and Roman times. Even after slavery was abolished, Nation-Wide racism boils today. Racism against the WhiteManDevil is impossible. Well, to correct myself, you CAN be racist against him, but it will get you no where. It won’t work in court, it won’t work at a job, or at school. Except in the rare cases where it does. As long as the WhiteMan, or any other race give it a shiny name and a new look, so it isn’t “technically racist.”  See: Affirmative Action; a BlackMale getting his way simply because WhiteFolk in general owned slaves just over a hundred years ago, as opposed to a BlackMale getting his way because certain WhiteFolk are racist towards him. The latter, I believe, is an option. Although, all people must be entitled to be able to report against racism, and have the claim be investigated. If we can all try, good people, the investigation should go by without bias.

Oh yes, Bias is a way to oppress ANYONE. Example: Republicans and Democrats; their wars while Society suffers in their wake. Males vs. Feminists, despite the neutrality and equality of Humanism lingering beneath both parties. People who prefer Coke to Pepsi, there will always be a bias, and most of all bias’ start at HOME.

And this it’s important to note that I had to tread very carefully during this post. Any single hint of bias or racism can easily throw my entire point away. My reputation would be diminished, and all validity to the general society, my people, would be gone. A little Bias, and then I’m nothing. And this is true of all people who use bias as their operating handle.

If we cut open our flesh and looked inside, beneath our skin, we would see that everything is the same. Our hearts, our minds, and our feelings are the same. Shouldn’t we treat each other the same way as we treat ourselves, as though we were inside-out?

    • SallyB
    • August 15th, 2010

    Great post! I loved the end! Everything you said is SO TRUE.

    • Tina Price-Johnson
    • August 16th, 2010

    Utter, utter genius.

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