Nightmare on Earth

Howdy Folks,

I have decided to take a step in another direction to lead you away from reality for a moment. Heed my words, good citizens and civilians! I had a dream the previous night where I lived a true nightmare. It was beyond horrible. It is the true experience of a lucid dream that horrified me, but not really the act of dreaming. I am no prophet, NO PROPHET.  I MUST EMPHASIZE THIS NOW. DSFARGEG. In this dream was what my mind cooked up for the apocalypse, and nothing else. Take it with a grain of salt, and just enjoy the darkness and terror of an earth invasion from an unknown force beyond our own power,  like the Earth itself, can destroy us within a week. Enjoy… or not. Your pick.

Earth was being assaulted, and there were the worst massacres of humans we had ever seen before.

Seattle, Everett, and many other cities like it were entirely wiped out before more than a thousand people could flee, even with organized, military aid. We had thought that as large as Manhattan was, they could save a good percent of people, but in one entire blast, the entire island became a crater – this was how terrible it was.The actual “war” was taking place in rural areas, outskirts of cities, and in mountain ranges. It was almost near-annihilation.

Although this was the case, humanity was very stubborn. The entire EARTH population had decreased down to mere millions of people, or less, with little to no outside communication. This entire period of destruction took place over three days. Only. Three. Days.  It wasn’t like in many movies or stories that were made to spare the audience the horror of humanity perishing – where bodies were evaporated or turned into dust that we can’t mentally relate to. Imagine being the sole survivor, walking down a one way road piled with the stinking, rotting bodies of literally thousands of people. I did find other sole survivors, our group was only twelve strong. I can’t even say “strong.”

There was no food, or water, or shelter – the entire surface was being “glassed” by nuclear weapons from our resistance, or by the unfathomable technologies of the invaders. The ground shimmered like glazed pottery. It was like ice, but hot. Trees had become petrified, buildings were crumbled to nothing but melted concrete, and dusted foundations.

All of us were covered in dust, blood, and very little of that blood was our own. Everywhere became a dustbowl, and visibility was almost nothing. We couldn’t see beyond ten feet from the dust kicked way into the air from the radiation, bombing, and total destruction of all our wonders. Two of our party members simply walked wherever us others walked – their minds were gone. They were utterly traumatized, as we all were in some way, but it was almost as though they had forgotten how to think for themselves. They literally became human cattle. There were only two women in our group. One was utterly devastated as I mentioned above, she and her husband. Another girl my own age, whom I had put my own life into danger to protect. The other people just congregated together was we walked our own paths. In this utter weakness, I had become attached to the girl I saved. She became attached to me too. Our mindset was that if anything ever flourished again, and we could survive this hell, we would not fear the terror and try to birth a child to live on.

Then came the time of reckoning.

These aliens that attacked us, began to strip mine the planet, setting up massive automated engines to dig into our earth, pushing more dust into the sky, and bringing out raw materials for their own efforts.

The atmosphere was almost unbreathable, thick with dust and grime, and chemicals. The humidity seemed beyond 200%. We wandered in nothing but our underwear, and less, keeping the rest of the clothing bundled over our eyes and mouths. It was hopeless to keep the dust from our eyes and mouths, our bodies had become incredibly dry. I had become mad. We wandered upon one of the mining facilities, which we had become aware of how volatile the entire machines were. Although we knew that our own deaths were incredibly inevitable, the others wanted to find some kind of refuge. They were clinging on to hope. I figured that it would soften their deaths, but I decided to give the invaders a final “fuck you.”

I took the girl into my arms, and kissed her. It was a very long kiss. I turned her around, and pushed her away and told her to walk. She did, but with resistance. I couldn’t tell if it were from dehydration, malnutrition, or because she didn’t want me to leave.

The aliens were foolish, and left the mining platforms completely undefended. They thought we were all wiped out. But I found the device that made the entire thing so volatile. A coolant system was already near overloading, it was generated by plasma, or something of that matter. I figured that if I tampered with it, and screwed it up, it would erupt in a massive explosion. Or at least melt down, and ruin the machine beyond repair.

So I spent an hour tinkering, smashing devices, and stopping gears with tools that were laying about. It became very hot, and I knew that I had succeeded. It was going to erupt, sirens began to blare.

I laughed. I yelled “FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU!!”

Then I turned around, and saw the girl there standing. She had followed me back, into the machine, and before we could touch, we were destroyed in a blast that immediately turned us into nothing – not even our atoms remained in the blast.

The image was horrifying.


  1. I am not sure if that is a compliment, or not.

  2. Yeah. Either the track-back means this is a bad piece and I should feel bad, or it means that the story/dream/thingy is “okay.”

    • And I’m going to be a teensy bit out of character and say, I think it’s the latter 🙂

  1. September 26th, 2010
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