Wallamazoo’s Travels: Dude Etiquette

“He’s a Dude, she’s a Dude, I’m a Dude, We’re all Dudes!”

Soon after being declared “more feminist than humanist,” I decided to look into other Male Feminist blogs, and bring up feminism more with my friends. The latter took a bit of doing! One friend is indifferent, he treats everyone equally and has the “don’t mess with me, I won’t mess with you” attitude towards all people. Another friend, however, doesn’t know the difference between Womanist, Feminist, and Feminazi. I had to explain, but I do not really know if I had pulled him away from thoughtless delusions. But what do we all have in common? We’re all Dudes.

After skimming over many articles made by MaleFeminists, I could not help but notice a vague misuse of the term Dude. C’mon, Dudes! (Oh, not the negative Dude, mind you.) I don’t want to make a direct reference, as it may be disrespectful, but I do hope that many will heed my kind words. The word Dude is not a template for “Male Patriarchy Makes Others Bend Over To Take It In The Kiester.” While the term Dude(s) may be often used for this, I declare that it is misused.

There is an infinite number of “Dudes.” However, if I were to make a chart, only a small portion would not be filtered into “MalePatriarch,” or “WomanGazer.” This Dude is a Dude who can be a Dude, but also respect everyone and give them their freedoms. Act as an individual, but be equal with others in share. Perhaps, the Fonz? I don’t know. Ideally, it is a very hard concept for most men to attain if they wish to join in with other Dudes. But guys, let’s face it – we were all Dudes, thought like Dudes, are Dudes.

The real term that should be used for the commonly chosen “Dude,” should be Pig. I can’t say that everyone should change the terminology simply because I suggest it, but I find it hard to count all the times conversations have lead to calling dirty men Pigs. What I do ask, rather, is that we make it perfectly clear what kind of Dude we are referring to when speaking of Dudes. The bandwagon can often become confused, if we are all implying different Dudes, but all saying Dude. Not to mention, Dude is the main personal-pronoun all my friends use for each other. We’re just cool like that, Dude.

    • Vasundhara
    • November 5th, 2010

    Haha I agree, I too use ‘dude’ rather vaguely too. Good post and nice to have you back after such a long hiatus!

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