Why Ask; Pray Tell?

Not allowed to marry in many states. Not allowed in various clubs across the nation. Not allowed to be in love with whom they love most. Not allowed to make a noble sacrifice for their Nation.

America, Congressmen, President Obama, I ask you: What in the hell is wrong with you all?

The Gay community has been bullied for decades and more by their own countrymen and women simply because of that little, tiny, eensy-teensy 5% of sexuality. Let me ask you this: Would it be justified for me to barge into a Straight Couple’s sexual experience, publicate them as deviants, and destroy their reputation for something so minor? As late as the 80’s, Police Officers were ALLOWED to invade homes without a warrant, in order to arrest, and detain homosexuals in the act of homosexual deviancy. Oh sure, there have been many lawsuits, motions, and battles against the Supreme Court to eventually give gays the right to be somewhat gay. Emphasis on SOMEWHAT.

It seems as though the Gay Community has suffered as harsh attacks as the former Soviet Union, as a public atrocity. When AIDS and HIV came around, the initial terminology was GRIDS, aka Gay-Related Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome. Meaning, ONLY gays could get this virus, but they could spread it to the straight community. Even if being gay is a choice, or genetic, how come a virus would try and attack only the gays? The answer is easy. People wanted to get rid of the gays. True story, y’all. Read up on the late Hobsbaum. Great history writer, btw.

As long as humanity has been around enough to see sexuality in any form as “disgusting,” is has always been worse if it were gay. Take heed, that the Lesbian-Fetish has been around for a very long, long time, but was not truly socially accepted in America until the Sexy-Seventies. Even today, being gay isn’t socially accepted. Although there are laws against discrimination towards gays, race, age, background, etc, Society as a whole continues to hate on them. Truly, yet sadly, Society sees these people as dangerous individuals bent on destroying the Straight Community by – what else? Getting married to other gays! So dangerous! Let me give you an example of a dangerous gay. I mean, a movement in the Gay Community that can be Dangerous.

Quickly on my link above. The group in Pink known as “FUCKH8, NSFW,” is actually rather volatile towards their own rights movement. Using the term “Fuck” which implies hatred rather than anger, is considered to be a blatant form of hypocrisy. See: Gays Want To Be Socially Accepted As Good Honest People. /Quick Rant.

So then, why can’t they be a part of the Military service? Oh, that’s right. Gays might try and sneak around the barracks at night, molesting their fellow soldiers. They might spread AIDS. They might “Spread Monolithic Ideals To Other Countrymen, and Possibly Spread Communism.” What a load of bull. Good men and women who have made the sacrifice to join a very binding contract with the Army and other branches have all been dismissed simply for “coming out of the closet.” These are fine people, given medals and kept up-to-date with their objectives, and most of all – Served their Country with distinction and pride. Then, their own country takes it all way way… simply because of that private 5% behind closed doors.

America, Congress, President Obama, I ask you this: Why do you deny your fellow countrymen and women their distinction, honor, and pride, simply because of their Sexual Preference? This is simply unconstitutional, seeing as how employers cannot deny gays due to discrimination. I think you should all sit down and realize that this should count for the Military, as well. Otherwise, you’re just bigots all.

Oh, and Scientists :: Stop trying to play God, and eliminate Gays from the Gene-pool. If anything is making it diseased, it is your mindset. Study something more important, like Limb Replacement, or Adult Stem Cell research. GET US INTO SPACE.

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