A Long Awaited Return

Holy shit, it’s been a tremendous length of time since I have posted anything! What has this motherfucking writer been up to?

According to this blog’s dashboard, my most recent post came in 2011, that’s a pretty long fucking time to see that my blog hasn’t gone into internet-hell. With that being said, I need to update a few things! Prominently, I should make a simple post that reveals the inner workings of my post-2011 to current life and what expectations shall be met this year.

1.) After 2011, when it became 2012, I still worked at Goodwill in Lynnwood, WA as a sweatshop material handler. I had no real aspirations as I dabbled in marijuana (which was against the law, but considering the new legislation I consider it okay to mention) and my life ran rather dull. In 2011 I do recall going to Norway, I should check my other posts to see if such trip was ever mentioned… NOPE! Definitely not mentioned. Yes, I took a decent trip to Norway where I took train from Bergen through Oslo to Narvik (a bus and a neato ferry were used between train stations at times.) This trip was during the cold bite of winter during a time Norway had a decent dump of snow. It was a pleasant way to visit one of the various nations of my ancestors.

2.) Late 2012 (August-ish) I met a nice feminist-ish woman who was a rather petite brunette with a name that only one other person in the world shares with her. We became engaged around October-ish of 2012 and on September 1st of 2013 we were married. Whew, that was quick. Yup! I am a married man now, and guess what! Around May 8th of 2014 our first child will be born into this cesspool of a world! I can’t wait to be a father.
3.) In September I also started classes to become a welder. So you may see a few posts on some nifty things I’m making, or the vast improvements of welds through practice, burns, blood, grease (nah, that shit’s flammable) and fire.

4.) I’ve taken a HUGE paradigm shift since my older posts. Perhaps it’s because I’m living in a quaint, but small rural village very far away from the rustle-n-bustle of sub to urbanite life. While I still push for women’s rights, gay acceptance, I have also taken a turn towards total equality that has actually made me an enemy to more… shall we say… eh… FAR THIS OR THAT WING ANGRY PEOPLE OF HIGHLY DISCRIMINATE VALUES. For example, I’m sorry, but you don’t call your booth the “Equality Bake Sale Booth” and charge men $1.00 and women $0.75. If your aim is to improve women’s status by giving them bonus points, let me give you a heads up. Men are going to make their women buy the discounted cookies for them. All this booth achieves is making sure a man can have 4 cookies for $3 rather than 4 cookies for 4 if he walked up to the counter on his own. In short, the “Equality” booth is neither economical or efficient in its goal. Except that cookies are sold, and this guy loves his cookies.

5.) Since 2011, I don’t approve our President, his Staff, Congress, or the Supreme Court Judges, Surgeon General, Attourney General, CIA, NSA, and all those other crazy political buzzwords I missed. Also, I am now a target for mentioning this single note. Hazzah!

Alright, with that crazy notation out of the way, I’ll end this post with a few personal expectations for the future.

1.) More Political posts. Don’t expect me to be Politically Correct (except a 99.998% factual accuracy in sources)

2.) More posts on social degeneracy, my position on this, and what could be done to improve these things (or just commentary for that matter.)

3.) More satire in regards to extremist groups with no discrimination. Sorry, but disagreeing with a group doesn’t just label me anti-something.

4.) Less unfinished clutter drafts. All the drafts from before will either be destroyed or revamped and posted. I’m sick of being a sour-puss when it comes to being on-time with my goals.

5.) Better publication, and hopefully a stronger approach to reaching out. Perhaps twitter?


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