Foot In Mouth 1: Bossy, Bossy, Bossy.

[A new Pro-Offensive post here, labelled “Foot In Mouth.” It is just a full-force-freedom-of-speech rant without any restrictions on language, and a lack of general politeness. Because some people can be so incredibly stupid that they actually deserve it. Some people might say the things I say will be the same as putting a foot in my mouth. For me, I think of my foot just getting a good saliva shine before shoving it up somebody’s ass.]

Today’s topic, as per the post title, is the very recent “ban the word bossy” trend. In the YouTube link hidden in the words, the very first question on the “About” second is read as this:

What do Beyoncé, Condoleezza Rice & Jane Lynch have in common? They’ve committed to ban the word bossy.

On the contrary, what they all have in common is their substantial profits, positions in leadership, and they’re what I call “cultural sexists.” Similar to the anti-thesis of “racism,” which is not in fact acceptance of races but instead is of the self-racism. Unfortunately this is extremely common, and it’s a rather new form of liberal bigotry. In and of itself is the reason why the so-called “race-war” is in existence. It is not the tolerant means to educating people with the polite truth that we are all the same inside, but the militant bashing and banning of unnecessary offenses and practices kept dear by a few people. I personally believe that this militant culture of feminism is a wrong-wing for helping women’s case for true freedom. And yes, I do want women to have rights equal to men, and men equal to women. It really isn’t that difficult to understand that peace can be found without war, so long as everyone calms the fuck down.

So when it comes down to the word “bossy,” it is extremely out of context and sexist for these particular political and celebrity idols to promote the ban of the word. A single word. Will I go to jail for saying nigger? Will I be fined? Guess what, no I won’t. This attempt at banning “bossy” is a cheap and undercutting form of taking control where it is unneeded. Men can be considered “bossy.” A perfect example is when one employee starts acting tall and mighty among his or her peers, and tries to give orders to his/her equals. That can be properly defined with the adjective, “bossy.” Calling someone out on their actions is necessary sometimes. In the work force, it is more necessary to simply report offensive nature to your actual supervisor. There are rumors and bandit ideas that you will be looked down upon for tattling. But let me tell you something: Bosses, true bosses, want happy employees and happy customers. If your employees aren’t happy, your customers aren’t happy. If your customers aren’t happy, you don’t get paid. Remind yourself of this logic. You know what you could do, if you wanted to be a good leader? Stand up and peacefully tell your bossy co-worker that you won’t take orders from them, nor do you have to. You take orders from above, and that’s where you’re looking up at. If you set your sights high, you will go higher. Let me tell you, a bitchy woman never got promoted above her current position. The truth is this: People of Power are all the same. A bitchy female manager is the same as a bitchy male manager. Why is this? They have the same goal: the improvement of the company.

Let me ask this question real quickly. Is not telling someone what they can, or cannot say, in itself “bossy?” For that matter, in the video Beyonce is quoted as saying “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” Is doing boss work in itself not boss-like, or bossy? I think that the message being thrown around here is not a good one. Bosses are known for yelling commands down the chain to the peons below and making mountains move without as much a flick of his/her on finger. A leader, on the other hand, gets down in the trenches and holds a torch so their followers can see through the darkness. A Boss commands the workers below and reaps the benefits of their labor, but a leader sees the benefits of having a strong team. Is it not yet clear what I am trying to get across? If you’re going to encourage young women to grow up and be good leaders, then you need to stop being the boss.

This video, this movement to ban “bossy” is reflected as being Fascist, Communist, Stalinist, or other adjectives to describe “controlling, fear-based, and destructive.” The first thing Hitler did to the Jews was ban all literature, art, and music that were created by Juden. When Josef Stalin came into power after the Russian Revolution and created the USSR, one of the first things he did was ban all religion, biblical texts, and either destroyed or re-purposed churches for other programs for the Soviet Union. I am not necessarily trying to say that this ban on “bossy” is directly associated with Nazism, but it is absolutely tied with Censorship (which I highly disagree with entirely). On that matter, controlling others and censorship is an attribute of weakness – to ban something that offends you is a way of saying “I am weak.” Yes, I said it and I won’t take it back. Let me ask you, how many “bosses” have been killed by their regimes? How many Leaders have been killed by their own Regime? You need to look at the Mexican Revolution(s) to see who were leaders, and who were bosses. The lines are extremely thin, and the paint thicker.

Now on the part of “labels are real, and labels hurt.” Don’t you think that I am hurt when I am labeled a “faggot?” Or when someone calls me a “piece of shit?” There is something that is not being taught properly in our culture these days and I think it’s necessary for people to learn how to “get over it.” But our culture is not only seeing the decline in this way of teaching, but it’s literally being destroyed. It is very important that people are taught how to understand and articulate their feelings, but sometimes you just need to move on and leave the worry behind. I will absolutely teach my son a powerful lesson that was not imparted upon me, and that is “I know it hurts, but you need to get over it.” What I see in this movement to ban a word or a label is to hope for a painless world which will never exist. For one to “get over it” is extremely important because you can’t sweat the small stuff like being called bossy, or in my case, faggot. You need to take control of your own life, and know it’s okay to be afraid and it’s okay to be sad and down in the dumps about something. But you need to figure out how to move on effectively and be able to learn how to let the harmful things slide past you later. Otherwise you won’t be a good leader, and you won’t learn how to learn from mistakes. You can’t keep blaming others for your own feelings.

Here is what you can do: Stop being bossy, and become a leader. Take a few tips from the game “Tug of War.” Only the team that works together with effective leadership can succeed, even if the opponent has stronger people. Being a leader requires balance of pain and joy. There is something in the psyche of the major celebrity women in this video that will never understand. They have forgotten how to be humble, and I know this. All of them have one thing in common, and that is they are “People of Power.” A common saying is “Power Corrupts.”

To end this post with a final statement, I will say this: “A Boss is a Corrupted Leader.”

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