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Why Ask; Pray Tell?

Not allowed to marry in many states. Not allowed in various clubs across the nation. Not allowed to be in love with whom they love most. Not allowed to make a noble sacrifice for their Nation.

America, Congressmen, President Obama, I ask you: What in the hell is wrong with you all?

The Gay community has been bullied for decades and more by their own countrymen and women simply because of that little, tiny, eensy-teensy 5% of sexuality. Let me ask you this: Would it be justified for me to barge into a Straight Couple’s sexual experience, publicate them as deviants, and destroy their reputation for something so minor? As late as the 80’s, Police Officers were ALLOWED to invade homes without a warrant, in order to arrest, and detain homosexuals in the act of homosexual deviancy. Oh sure, there have been many lawsuits, motions, and battles against the Supreme Court to eventually give gays the right to be somewhat gay. Emphasis on SOMEWHAT.

It seems as though the Gay Community has suffered as harsh attacks as the former Soviet Union, as a public atrocity. When AIDS and HIV came around, the initial terminology was GRIDS, aka Gay-Related Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome. Meaning, ONLY gays could get this virus, but they could spread it to the straight community. Even if being gay is a choice, or genetic, how come a virus would try and attack only the gays? The answer is easy. People wanted to get rid of the gays. True story, y’all. Read up on the late Hobsbaum. Great history writer, btw.

As long as humanity has been around enough to see sexuality in any form as “disgusting,” is has always been worse if it were gay. Take heed, that the Lesbian-Fetish has been around for a very long, long time, but was not truly socially accepted in America until the Sexy-Seventies. Even today, being gay isn’t socially accepted. Although there are laws against discrimination towards gays, race, age, background, etc, Society as a whole continues to hate on them. Truly, yet sadly, Society sees these people as dangerous individuals bent on destroying the Straight Community by – what else? Getting married to other gays! So dangerous! Let me give you an example of a dangerous gay. I mean, a movement in the Gay Community that can be Dangerous.

Quickly on my link above. The group in Pink known as “FUCKH8, NSFW,” is actually rather volatile towards their own rights movement. Using the term “Fuck” which implies hatred rather than anger, is considered to be a blatant form of hypocrisy. See: Gays Want To Be Socially Accepted As Good Honest People. /Quick Rant.

So then, why can’t they be a part of the Military service? Oh, that’s right. Gays might try and sneak around the barracks at night, molesting their fellow soldiers. They might spread AIDS. They might “Spread Monolithic Ideals To Other Countrymen, and Possibly Spread Communism.” What a load of bull. Good men and women who have made the sacrifice to join a very binding contract with the Army and other branches have all been dismissed simply for “coming out of the closet.” These are fine people, given medals and kept up-to-date with their objectives, and most of all – Served their Country with distinction and pride. Then, their own country takes it all way way… simply because of that private 5% behind closed doors.

America, Congress, President Obama, I ask you this: Why do you deny your fellow countrymen and women their distinction, honor, and pride, simply because of their Sexual Preference? This is simply unconstitutional, seeing as how employers cannot deny gays due to discrimination. I think you should all sit down and realize that this should count for the Military, as well. Otherwise, you’re just bigots all.

Oh, and Scientists :: Stop trying to play God, and eliminate Gays from the Gene-pool. If anything is making it diseased, it is your mindset. Study something more important, like Limb Replacement, or Adult Stem Cell research. GET US INTO SPACE.


Modern Problems Are Not Deeper Than Skin

Modern Society or more deviously called the Age of Information makes people all across the globe rush home from work and school to sit upon their rumps and search the vast expanse that which is the internet. Public Media has become the beacon of news for everyone to keep up-to-date about literally everything! Scandals have lead us to believe that our words need to be censored, and all messages must be Politically Correct.

Meaning, the WhiteIdealists can still be racist, without being racist.

Whiteness is an ideal; albeit an impossibly unachievable one, just like Religion vs Non-Religion, and Capitalism vs Communism. It is simply White vs Non-White, in the most rudimentary terms.

As it stands, “Whiteness” is purity. A very rich and acquired Ideal. One may be born with white skin, but that does not mean they are WHITE. Although, simply being White Skinned promotes the idea of being “White.” The Ideal represents the Ultimate Perfection and Imperfection that a single Human can attain (according to those who still believe that being White is supreme). Several people have created a Stereotype for non-Caucasian races. This is in three parts: White (Minority), Minority, Racial Slur (used as an Adjective to describe the third part).  All three parts are an “Assumed Ideal,” similar to Stereotyping. It is a rather sick way of separating those who Whites often deem as “redeemable and not redeemable” according to the oldest, perhaps most archaic White definitions (only today probably they are the background score to a movie promoting racial equality).

In simple LayPeople terms, WhiteMinority is this Minority, being Black, Brown, Yellow, or whatever non-White, has eventually worked their way to becoming a “Model Citizen.” Back in the mid 1900’s, America devised the “Model Citizen” cliche that symbolized hard-working Americans who could read, write and pledge their support to their home country, would be a Model Citizen. Racism in the WhiteMinority stereotype is based on the Model Citizen being White – though not always WhiteSkinned. A prim and proper, educated male or female were known as the Models of Society, who rose from lesser ranks to become the leaders of our future. (Well, more like our Congressmen today who ignore those who they represent for their own agendas). Essentially, the WhiteMinority are Bona-fide Whites  — today, not back then with “whites only”.

The people who are boxed under minority are either immigrants or middle-class workers that have the ability to attain the ideal of Whiteness (Of course, inside every POC is a WhiteMan struggling to come out).  It is believed that through hard work, perseverance and practice, that these people can leave their Minority Status behind, (even though their skin is still not White) and provide progress to society as a whole. In the sense that they have the option to “leave a part of themselves behind,” it is another form of bigotry from those who would be required to approve of their Whiteness — I am looking at you Sarkozy.  Of course, the main problem of even trying to be a Model Citizen is that you may not be qualified as a unique individual to join an Army of Same. All Model Citizens are the same, pretty much. Down to the core.

(Insert Racial Expletive here) are the people Whites believe are a class so low in the Minority that it is fair to be racist towards them, simply because there is an assumption that they will never give back to society. Typically those who call people spicks, niggers, chinks, wops, and etc. are not only being racist, but they are also singling out Minorities who are otherwise assumed to be worthless. It is how WhiteIdealists can be racist without being racist. Instead of creating the intention in their minds of being truly racist towards others by using those slurs, they have changed all the meanings to something such as “stupid,” or “useless.” For some reason, those I know personally who consider themselves “White” do not use the term Nigger as a slur against Blacks – because of just how they use it. What is it called when a WhiteMale calls his friend — a WhiteMale —  a Nigger?

Stupidity, for one. But America truly has a very large taboo or a fetish even, for using Politically Correct terms and racism combined. No matter which you choose, you may be assumed to be a racist simply because by the time you go to use the “politically correct” term it’s changed again. Much like this poem by Norbese Phillips :

I always thought I was a Negro
till I was Coloured
West Indian, till I was told
that Columbus was wrong
in thinking he was west of India —
that made me Carribean.
And throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s,
I was sure I was Black,
Now Black is passé,
African de rigeur,
and me, a chameleon of labels.

A person in my shoes is worried constantly whether to say someone is Black, or African American. For one, choosing “black” is considered racist because “he isn’t really black, his skin is closer to a brown.” It doesn’t make sense in our attribute terminology to call someone a Brown Man in America, because people just would not get it. You have to specify that somewhere in his family chain someone grew up in Africa, and immigrated here either as a slave or a traveler. Yet, a White Man who is an American, although somewhere along the family chain someone came from Ireland, he isn’t called Irish American – just American. So the American assumption, and the world assumption maybe, is that American refers to White Americans. Wait, aren’t we forgetting the brown people who lived here before us? The First Nation? Natives? Oh wait, they lost those little wars. So we’re better, we get acknowledged first. *Sigh.*

Many in America would argue that the word Nigger exists simply as a word – because overall, Racism has “decreased” globally. Oh, how wrong they are! Although it is true that the idea of such racial slurs are now stuck within our minds, we can not simply delete the idea from our brains like we can on the Internet. So instead of trying to get the word out of our languages, they give it new but just as harmful meanings. What does the same thing? Political Correction. The Word-Play Puppet of Whites. Notice how most Politically Correct words often contain the original statement or meaning in parentheses? African Male is (Black),  Hispanic Female is (Mexican), and a Japanese Foreigner is (Asian),  Caucasian Male  (White),  Little Person (Midget),  Hard of Hearing Persons (Deaf People),  Communists (Red Devils).

In the true spectrum of light, Whiteness does not decrease racism – nor does being a Model Citizen respect all people that they should represent towards. In fact, it creates even MORE prejudice. Being the nigh-perfect White Male ( as society reveres it) just means that he is also the pompous ass of a man that declares greatness, and never gives it back to those who he is above.

So why are most WhiteSkinned men seen as WhiteMales? Because of their Skin. When someone is born white, they are born into royalty of sorts – and provided a privilege. They can never be rid of that privilege – no matter what they do to stop its ever-raging rampage.

Constant efforts of re-orienting my innate privilege is indeed a large task. I am inching slowly towards abandoning this royalty treatment. My supervisor is Muslim, a Pakistani of non-white origins, who is now beginning his fasting of Ramadan. He was surprised to learn about my knowledge and respect for the Muslim people, and their devotion to their faith. I explained something I did way back in Middle School when I was only 13 years old.

There was a Muslim boy in our class, of brown skin. Here, I sat as a young white-male of Catholic origin. There are American tales of Catholics and Muslims being at each others’ throats, arguing, fighting, and being complete strangers to each other because of their different faiths. Yet here we were, sitting in class when the teacher (oblivious to his practice) asked him why he did not eat lunch with the others. He explained that it was because of Ramadan and he could not eat during the day. A few other classmates snickered, and made fun of him at lunch. Teased him with food, pressured him to betray his faith. Here I intervened, sat next to him, and tossed my entire lunch – without having a bite – into the trash. I knew that I was going to starve. I did not care, because then they would have to fight with ME. My skin may have been a privilege, to be sure, but I protected him because he was my FRIEND. Our differing faiths did not matter, because we worship the same god. Our skin color did not matter, because we were suffering. What mattered is that we chose to follow our faith, and never let someone ever destroy it.

My supervisor and my coworker were in awe. He thanked me for being so understanding, and having the knowledge and respect for him. Especially in this hot weather, when the days are long and humid. He won’t be eating until well after 10pm. I respect him, too, because although he is very hungry and in pain, he does not reflect his frustration onto us. Maybe tomorrow I will not eat food during daylight hours, in reverence to my old sacrifice for a friend.

Although this is how I am planning on taking steps away from StraightWhiteMalePrivilege, the path will never be easy. Due to the power held within my seat, I will be tempted to return to the weakness.  It is something we all can learn, and what I have struggled to learn thus far. Each of us has a faith, whether we are believers or non believers. We all have emotions, whether we are happy or angry. No one is without the blood we all share. If we cut our palms, and men of differing color shook hands and shared that blood, it would be one in the same. It would be unity through the blood of humanity (Not to mention disease, but that is the sacrifice!). We as people should hurdle over the simple pigment of our skin, and the history tied to the so-called “pure-ness.” Do we all breathe air? Do we live on the planet Earth? Did our beloved mothers and fathers birth us into this place that we all share? What makes any one baby of skin more privileged than the next?

I dream of a day that Whiteness is simply a color for sheets and blankets. When people are not referred to as color, but as People. As I dream under these sheets and blankets, am I hiding? It’s time we went out and made this dream a reality.

Mowing the Lawn

Dear folks,

The title isn’t a metaphor regarding some silly event that has happened my life – it actually is about mowing the lawn.

This week I was told to mow the lawn – a chore that I abhor. /rhyme. Why? I have many reasons, dear reader!

As many of thou may or may not know, I am a Humanist, bent towards HumanProgress and expansion. Yet, I HATE mowing the lawn. Here is why.

How many homes for insects and other natural dwellers can we destroy with a single feel swoop of the push mower? Literally hundreds. Thousands, for the MicroOrganismInclined. Whenever I push the mower and cut grass, I see dozens or more insects and aphids rise from the ground and fly away in confusion.  Or, they fly onto me, and bite my skin! This usually leaves a welt, or some kind of bodily reaction that itches a lot. So, what really grinds me gears has to do with nature. Unattended grass looks beautiful, and the creatures that choose to eat the green weeds over our “precious” flowers is great. Not only does cutting the grass aid in letting nature die repeatedly, but it also makes the lawn look like a 12-Year Old’s new buzz-cut. Example:

Next is the smell… oh, the horrible smell! Why does fresh cut grass smell so awful? Because, the lawn has suddenly become the land of the DEAD. Probably the only benefit of cutting grass is harvesting what you cut off, and feeding it to the compost pile. It degrades into a very disgusting mush and bile paste that plants and flowers “love” to eat. Are you getting this, reader? Plants eat other plants of different variations. To grow. To live. To taste good… apparently?

What I really like in a front yard is utter chaos – Nature at its best. Example:

TopLeft: My back yard, or a portion of it. What you see there is wild Strawberries and grass over gravel.

TopRight: My neighbor’s field. The grass is three feet tall, and surrounds a barn used for storage. That small section reminds me of the pastures often displayed on “Little House on the Prairie.”

Although those neighbors mow that lawn once a month, it grows back at such a horrendous pace, I wonder if they have made it a hobby rather than a chore to cut it.  However if it were MY yard, I would never cut it at all! I see kittens running and frolicking, small field mice crawl into my back yard through the fence to eat the bird food, raccoons stalk the bushes, and birds enjoy the tall tree branches. I have even seen a few snakes in there.

There is a positive Humanist Advantage for letting your yard become a jungle, my friends. You see, plants and trees grow based on photosynthesis and breath carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. The more of these plants that there are in your yard, you provide the atmosphere with air. Not to mention, you become quite popular with nature (see above: animals.)

Next to my house as a tall, fourteen foot high Ash that was growing onto the side of the house. It produced berries which the birds ate – alas, they are poisonous to humans. It was a beautiful tree, and though it was causing no threat to the house itself, my father cut it down because he feared having the tree become a hazard by other means. All that was left was a wee stump… Guess what is sprouting now?

As you can see, we cannot truly dominate nature. Animals might go extinct, people may die, but plants continue to thrive as long as they have roots! Hazaah! Go Ash, go! We as Humans MUST respect nature for all it is and can do to us. Literally, it can do a lot. What if trees just decided to use their anti-predatorial gasses onto us, so that we harmed each other? The Happening.

Short post is not so short, but I am going to let it go from here on. Long story short, I don’t like to mow the lawn, because Mother Nature can strangle to death what she brings to life.

Marriage, and stuff

This Post is going to be re-written into something that is less of a pile o crap.


Take on Reality, with the UnReality


Welcome again, monitor staring devices of thoughts and flesh, I bid you a great day!

Now, I’m sure that many Americans can agree that here, we have a certain social stigma with Independence as opposed to Social Dependence! Confused? Allow me to explain. Many times have I traveled to Seattle from my humble abode in Lynnwood, WA, and felt a great presence in the city. However, the presence isn’t the people involved with the city, but rather something else… < no link there, just something. When I walk through the city, my main urge is to stay quiet, or avoid people while I walk down the street. At times, I break this urge and say hello to passing folks. Based on opinionated statistical theorem, 7/10 people will ignore me, or react negatively. The other 3/10 either look in my general direction, or say a quick “hi.” Is it so true that saying “hello” is a waste of time, even though your pace of walking will not change?

That is a tidbit of the stigma that I am talking about! As humans, because of the changing lifestyles having due to technology, mass-jobs, and personal issues, we have become prone to Social Independence. Thankless to Technological-Rape such as Facebook, Myspace, Myyearbook, and so forth, millions of users and trolls have taken to the internet to make their personal lives! But why? One of my hundreds of billions of conclusions is that it’s easier! On Chatroulette, you can sort out which of your friends will whip out their cock, or actually sit there and talk! (ooh, rhyme!)

JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE, people will turn you down! Not only that, but you can learn much easier on the internet how they really think in real life! This is because, everything comes out on the internet! I mean, if you bitch out someone on the internet, it’s not like you’re gonna see them again, right? < This is the worst wrong EVER.

Take this recent happening on the social networking site known as “Myyearbook” < they could have really tried for another name > where there is this device known as “Chatter.” It is just another form of twitter, (get it??? CHATTER, TWITTER? ) where users can publicly share their useless moods and attributes with people who do not give a shit. Unless you’re “hot.” Me, for the record, is not a “hot guy” because I don’t have 12,000 abs and no life of my own.

Okay, allow me to make this point: Abs are muscles that show 1. personal work-out and 2. bending over frequently. What is hot about guys that do sit-ups 50,000 times to get those abs? It just seems like they’d also take it up the ass 50,000 times for a fucking medal. WOMEN: YOU JUST MAY BE CONSIDERED A MEDAL WOMAN! How many people actually know what the Trophy Wife is? Tell me in my comments section, seriously!

Where the fuck was I going with this? No where, I suppose. Shit. Back to the “Chatter” thingy. Yes, well, as you know it is public! There is no way around it, unless you simply avoid posting in the Chatter device! Almost all the posts now from people are “i’m bored, whine” or “OMGOD, RATE ME!!! 1. SEX ME, 2. LICK MY ASSHOLE, 3. DATE ME. 4. …ETC…” So any way, some girl decides she’s going to respond to one of those “rate me” questions using the ASK feature with a vulgar and disgusting reply of slicing him open, and spreading his organs around her room. Sexy, I know. Well I thought it was pretty awesome, so I commented as such. Then after some time, she mentioned she could have done better than her original post. So I responded with something HORRIFYING. In reply, she asked how I became involved in her life and chatter messages. DUH, IT’S PUBLIC!


Now, like I was saying about the Social Independence and Social Dependence argument. How can someone claim to be Socially Independent, when they post something on Twitter, or Chatter so that people can respond? It’s because they’re claiming to be something they’re not!

blah! this post is terrible! I am going to post it any way. Ciao!