A Blatant Title For A Post

What to others may seem to be revelations in their dreams, are nightly rituals for me. For many years I have been fighting a troubling past with many inconsistencies. At night in my rest, my dreams give me different perspectives as my semi-conscious tries to unravel what mess I have caused by “thinking.” It is safe to say that while I am a Thinking Man, I am also entering the boundaries of thinking-too-much-about-things-I-don’t-need-to-think-about. Except that I am extremely over zealous about it! So at night I pay attention to my dreams. They are sort of a wake-up call, when I need it.

Should the previous introduction be very confusing, continue to read on, folks!

Some times, dreams are depictions of the local issues that our conscious fights over during the day. Whether it be a bully at school, trolls online, a bill payment that is coming up, or stress at work/home. Yet many of the recurring dreams do not have a plot or a true setting, but truth be told – they do have a theme. Of course, this theme has to be solved by YOU. Nobody experiences the same things, and thus each theme is tweaked person to person. For this soul, the theme changes often, and thus it is becoming difficult to understand my theme. Find your theme, and chase it; your subconscious theme is your personal truth. Pay attention to your own dreams, and never stop making conclusions to what you see!

Thinking Man

Of all the terrible thoughts I have had; Of all the treacherous dreams I have experienced; Of all the tragic memories I have shared; None of them have compared to the digging I have done to my own mind. This FoolishThinkingMan has in his life decided to enter the subconscious by day, and dig further underneath by night. Oh, and don’t let me tell you how dangerous this has been. What I found deeper than my subconscious were more memories. They were reflections of a time even before a conscious state – which leads me to believe that there can possibly be “consciousness before consciousness.” However, I am also skeptical about my experiences, perhaps, what if that experience was simply imaginary? Safe, or unsafe to say, I could rule out that all my memories are imaginary! That my entire life of experiences were made up, and that my conscious has developed a world in its own peril, to cease what horrible death awaits! But then, then I would begin to question my own existence! < This has happened before, yo. Oh, how insane it is to be an OverZealousThinkingMan. Also, it is rather nice to have writing quirks derived from someone rather jaded.

Okay, so after prying deep into what I believe to be my inner-subconscious, I recall finding memories. Each reflection had no visual, or physical state. However, they were closer to primal instinct. Those memories were the first few accounts of life, or even non-life, experiencing emotion for the first time. I mean, VERY first time. Well, some good news. When I found those memories, I became part of them temporarily! Bad news? I was in a mental state of having forgotten my emotions, and experienced them “like-new” in a conscious state having already faced them, but seeing their first incarnations, AGAIN. In short, IT WAS REALLY SCARY. Skeptical point of view: What I had done again, was imagine something that simply does not exist. In actuality (skeptically), the visions I saw were just projections of what I would believe were emotions for the first time.

So then… what are memories to begin with? I am running with too many theories, however I will share two – with a Skeptical POV for each.

Soy-lent Green IS People

First, each memory of our own that we experienced without imaginative tweaking is a solid memory that cannot be altered. However, at times people make off with hindsight and try to think of alternatives for what other things could have happened in their past event(s). In this theory, those imaginative thoughts are images of alternate realities. (do some research on the “infinite universes” theory in quantum physics, and otherwise.) Every time you alter a memory, you are actually creating an alternate universe. To think harder on this situation, that new idea has life. That universe you created has experienced birth, life, growing up, interacting, and living with worldy design until coming to the fork in the road you experienced – and that other being chose the other option. Now, try to think back to EVERY time you second-guessed yourself; think of every time you questioned a decision; ponder what could have happened if something were different. For every little thought, you have created a new universe for yourself – or, that universe already existed but you became aware of it! (Warning: You are not the center of any universe, including your own.) Skeptical Side: What a wild imagination.

The other theory is that all our memories are implants of someone’s experience not of our own. Even the current present imagery is something that another being has designed and implanted here. We are beings living on a rock deep in space, probably just dreaming of this life in order to escape. (See: Escapism in Japan) There are those among us who somehow “know” they are that being that will eventually perish outside of the dream (as we do perish in this dream as well) but they continue to dream inside dreams to avoid the end. (Oh, also see: Inception, Nolan, 2010) This theory is actually more ludicrous than the last, because it can be taken in so many directions! So many scary directions. Directions, such as nihilism and escapism. Belief in disbelief, and all that junk. Skeptical Side: What a wild imagination. Must be time to call the psych ward.

So while my Skeptical Side is going to dial up the local mental ward, I will wrap up this crazy post. Dreams are really fun, twisted, scary, and obscene. Sure, they sometimes do have a message, and they sometimes do not. But seriously folks, don’t be someone like me, who dives too deep into the mind and tries to come up with crazy explanations for the unexplainable. You might just become another televised Evangelist with another way to explain “God.” (Oh, another way to explain God will be a future post, keep that in mind.) Uh, in another way, you might just become a lunatic writer escapist like myself. Any way, I hope this post confused you, turned your head, because it was fun writing it!


When Freedoms Are Threatened, #1

There comes a time in American politics where the Politicians take certain movements too far. Such as the banning of Gays in the military. Or the attempts to ban Firearms, and Violent Video Games (in California, no less.) What they try to make a point in, is that by taking away violence in video games, or removing firearms from the public vendors, you suddenly remove any possible means for anyone to get their hands soaking in blood. But this is wrong, you see. The Criminals who attain these weapons when otherwise being unable to purchase them publicly, will be even more dangerous. They will have access to all sorts of underground arms that commonfolk have no idea where to even begin to look. And asking around is suspicious… And then about video games? Geez, kids at such a young age will just go outside and play “war” with each other. Beat each other up, use play-guns to “shoot” each other, and imagine maiming and bleeding out. So, what’s the point? I will say that Politicians like those who try and pass these movements are either a) trying to make a name for themselves(McCarthy vs. Communism), or b) just plain idiotic, or c) both.

Just Plain Idiotic

In the last 10 years, during of which the 8 that President Bush took office, the Senate believed it had more power than the congress originally allowed them, and took great advantage of it. The Evidence? Passing several business related laws to send jobs from various established companies, such as Boeing, overseas to countries – mainly China. Or let’s say, the Patriot Act, which is only two or three steps away from Martial Law, and the lawful invasion of privacy. (Quick Point: The Patriot Act, under a different name in the 60’s and 70’s, allowed police officers to mine data from civilian activity to weed out Communists, Hippies, and Gays.)

In short, the banning of Video Games and Firearms break the first two Constitutional Amendments: 1, and 2. These are the most common of debated Amendments, the Right to Free Expression, and the Right to Bear Arms.

The Right to Free Expression: Video Game makers aren’t elves who live in a tree who make diabolical games in order to enslave people and rack up money using obscene prices (unless you’re EA.) They are a group of Artists and Programmers who are dedicated to a common goal, of expressing their creations. This is especially true when they make games that often look controversial, or appeal to very small groups of cult-style fans. There are of course other supposed “repercussions,” such as:

-violent games cause addiction
-violent games cause crimes
-violent games cause social deviancy

We should remember that Parents, Lawmakers, and Idiots, will always target things they don’t like FIRST. The sad incident of Columbine was first blamed utterly on Doom, one of the original First Person Shooters of that time. Yet, the game “Doom” didn’t show up in the diaries of the two assailants of this massacre. What was pointed out by them was bullying, teasing, and the inability to act or think in classrooms. One was a great manipulator, and the other was a great follower. Neither really had social lives. Therefore, it must be blamed on Video Games. (See Above, “Causes Social Deviancy,” “Causes Crime.”)

Allow me to explain a little bit about addictions. Normally, they happen on their own. Whether or not someone has an addiction, is mostly based on their “Addictive Nature.” Sexual Addicts, Drug Addicts, and Alcohol Addicts (or Game Addicts) aren’t really there for the thrill, excitement, or pleasure… rather for the power, need, and habitual nature. Game addicts aren’t any different from the other Addicts. They seek out something, anything to defeat boredom, and the normal every-day beat of life. Often this happens without realizing that this escape becomes their every-day life.

Let me point something out about the Grand Theft Auto games. On news broadcasts, in the Senate discussions, and in talk shows, GTA has been demonized for allowing the player to kill Police Officers, beat Hookers with baseball bats, and run various people over without any cause of belief that you’ve done anything wrong. Well, it’s true! One, it’s a video game! The moment you walk in front of a Police Officer and point a gun at him, think of two things. 1. You probably don’t know how to handle a real firearm, as opposed to your high-rank in the video game. 2. The Police Officer knows how to not only use their sidearm, but WILL fire on you if he/she is threatened. Next, people need to think about what they’re saying. Many Politicians sleep with Hookers, but then deny them their rights on the Senate Floor, but then give them the same “humane leniency” in video games. This is kinda screwed up, honestly. While there isn’t any reason for beating up anyone, the game simply “allows” this to happen. Meaning, there are no missions where you actually are forced to beat up hookers. The same style of Postal 2, is that you are “allowed” to do as you wish. I once went through a GTA game WITHOUT beating up a hooker. Let’s look at it another way. Hookers in Television: Bad, nasty women who hear all the good talk, and sell that information. They’re dirty, full of diseases, and you should probably stay away from them. Hookers in Movies: Bad nasty women who like being dominated by their Pimp, and do so voluntarily. In the case they don’t like it, the movie becomes based around them in a freedom-seeking hour fest that somehow introduces a Manly Man to do a lot of fighting. Yet, in GTA, Hookers just act like Hookers IRL: they want you to get “in the mood” so you buy their services. So, you can either buy their services, deny their services, or in GTA, run them over with a Semi-Truck at full speed.

For more on this topic, you can watch this video:


Who’s The Tool Now?

Much like adolescent Emos, guns are highly misunderstood. They are often confused as being “violent” and “dangerous.” Yes, they are. However, like many tools of trade, anything able to craft or destroy is considered dangerous. Take for example, how many workers loose fingers or entire limbs due to the Industrial Machine, in comparison to actual gun related injuries or death. It’s actually rather small! Next, take Automobile deaths per year, and compare them to gun deaths! Another gap! Yet Automobiles, for their sincere advantages over (gasp!) walking, they will never be banned. Since guns don’t necessarily have a practical use in modern society…

… nevermind. The above videos are a reminder that it isn’t always the criminal who has the firearms. But let me tell you that these videos would be far more gruesome and tragic if those same firearms were banned. Across the United States, the most common gun-related robberies are related to Pizza-Deliverers, who are lured to the robbers home… or taxi drivers. California has been very hard-pressed to ban firearms to the public, but considering how many well-armed gangs there are in California, I would say that it would be very stupid to disarm the innocent half

Another point that I have, is that many news casters and journalists very rarely look at Police Reports given to the public for common knowledge, which will show the actual numbers recorded with Firearm Involvement with Crimes, as opposed to “trusting” private research institutes. The number of true gun-related assaults are very small, even in urban cities. Well, this is because of how expensive Firearms are in a Gun-Shop, and surprisingly (or not so) more expensive in the underground trades. Not to mention, a knife is more deadly than a gun in many aspects. For one, a bullet when penetrating a soft target may only cause a small entrance wound, and an exit wound of only an inch or so more wide (With the exception of Hollow-Points, and some larger rounds/cartridges.) Most deaths related to gunfire are mostly due to shock and bleed-outs, but they can actually be treated easily. Knives on the other hand are much more mortal. Do your own research, I don’t really need to explain the idea of metal slowly rubbing against skin, as opposed to a bullet that shoots faster than the blink of an eye.

Rather than outright banning the Private Trade and Selling of Firearms, why not just require a permit that requires schooling and training? If a Police Officer must pass a training exam to earn his 9mm, why shouldn’t common folk like us? And I don’t strictly mean being able to hit the bulls’ eye at least 3 of 50 shots, I mean proper handling and knowledge. You know, the most important aspects of knowing when, where, how, and why to use a firearm for personal protection. If someone doesn’t know how to properly store their weapons away from children, or even the robbers themselves, they shouldn’t own a weapon of any kind. In fact, either your child should never know you have a firearm, or you should at least have the common sense to teach them about how dangerous the weapon is. No, wait, always educate everyone about dangerous tools that you have around your home. Or, just don’t own one.

My main point is, that the Gov’t should have the option to regulate weapon trade as far as difficulty goes, but remember that there will always be someone with a much more easy way to sell a gun – even if it were illegal. Just look at how well banning Marijuana has improved in keeping it away from people. Heh, not very well. The Gov’t also needs to constantly remember just why Thomas Jefferson and John Adams wanted the public to own firearms. Personal Defense, yes, but more importantly so the public can rise up and have a fighting chance against any possible dictatorship. It is so that a Militia can defend their country in time of dire need, should it arise, instead of running away. If many of our own revolutionaries ran away from conflict, then Britain may still be in control of America, Canada, India, and Africa with their colonies. Perhaps even China would be a part of their growing colonialization? Oh wait, guns were only a small portion of the American Revolution. Barely anyone remembers all the talk, paperwork, and community aid that actually won-over the war for America, and all that jazz.

Why Ask; Pray Tell?

Not allowed to marry in many states. Not allowed in various clubs across the nation. Not allowed to be in love with whom they love most. Not allowed to make a noble sacrifice for their Nation.

America, Congressmen, President Obama, I ask you: What in the hell is wrong with you all?

The Gay community has been bullied for decades and more by their own countrymen and women simply because of that little, tiny, eensy-teensy 5% of sexuality. Let me ask you this: Would it be justified for me to barge into a Straight Couple’s sexual experience, publicate them as deviants, and destroy their reputation for something so minor? As late as the 80’s, Police Officers were ALLOWED to invade homes without a warrant, in order to arrest, and detain homosexuals in the act of homosexual deviancy. Oh sure, there have been many lawsuits, motions, and battles against the Supreme Court to eventually give gays the right to be somewhat gay. Emphasis on SOMEWHAT.

It seems as though the Gay Community has suffered as harsh attacks as the former Soviet Union, as a public atrocity. When AIDS and HIV came around, the initial terminology was GRIDS, aka Gay-Related Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome. Meaning, ONLY gays could get this virus, but they could spread it to the straight community. Even if being gay is a choice, or genetic, how come a virus would try and attack only the gays? The answer is easy. People wanted to get rid of the gays. True story, y’all. Read up on the late Hobsbaum. Great history writer, btw.

As long as humanity has been around enough to see sexuality in any form as “disgusting,” is has always been worse if it were gay. Take heed, that the Lesbian-Fetish has been around for a very long, long time, but was not truly socially accepted in America until the Sexy-Seventies. Even today, being gay isn’t socially accepted. Although there are laws against discrimination towards gays, race, age, background, etc, Society as a whole continues to hate on them. Truly, yet sadly, Society sees these people as dangerous individuals bent on destroying the Straight Community by – what else? Getting married to other gays! So dangerous! Let me give you an example of a dangerous gay. I mean, a movement in the Gay Community that can be Dangerous.

Quickly on my link above. The group in Pink known as “FUCKH8, NSFW,” is actually rather volatile towards their own rights movement. Using the term “Fuck” which implies hatred rather than anger, is considered to be a blatant form of hypocrisy. See: Gays Want To Be Socially Accepted As Good Honest People. /Quick Rant.

So then, why can’t they be a part of the Military service? Oh, that’s right. Gays might try and sneak around the barracks at night, molesting their fellow soldiers. They might spread AIDS. They might “Spread Monolithic Ideals To Other Countrymen, and Possibly Spread Communism.” What a load of bull. Good men and women who have made the sacrifice to join a very binding contract with the Army and other branches have all been dismissed simply for “coming out of the closet.” These are fine people, given medals and kept up-to-date with their objectives, and most of all – Served their Country with distinction and pride. Then, their own country takes it all way way… simply because of that private 5% behind closed doors.

America, Congress, President Obama, I ask you this: Why do you deny your fellow countrymen and women their distinction, honor, and pride, simply because of their Sexual Preference? This is simply unconstitutional, seeing as how employers cannot deny gays due to discrimination. I think you should all sit down and realize that this should count for the Military, as well. Otherwise, you’re just bigots all.

Oh, and Scientists :: Stop trying to play God, and eliminate Gays from the Gene-pool. If anything is making it diseased, it is your mindset. Study something more important, like Limb Replacement, or Adult Stem Cell research. GET US INTO SPACE.

Wallamazoo’s Travels: Dude Etiquette

“He’s a Dude, she’s a Dude, I’m a Dude, We’re all Dudes!”

Soon after being declared “more feminist than humanist,” I decided to look into other Male Feminist blogs, and bring up feminism more with my friends. The latter took a bit of doing! One friend is indifferent, he treats everyone equally and has the “don’t mess with me, I won’t mess with you” attitude towards all people. Another friend, however, doesn’t know the difference between Womanist, Feminist, and Feminazi. I had to explain, but I do not really know if I had pulled him away from thoughtless delusions. But what do we all have in common? We’re all Dudes.

After skimming over many articles made by MaleFeminists, I could not help but notice a vague misuse of the term Dude. C’mon, Dudes! (Oh, not the negative Dude, mind you.) I don’t want to make a direct reference, as it may be disrespectful, but I do hope that many will heed my kind words. The word Dude is not a template for “Male Patriarchy Makes Others Bend Over To Take It In The Kiester.” While the term Dude(s) may be often used for this, I declare that it is misused.

There is an infinite number of “Dudes.” However, if I were to make a chart, only a small portion would not be filtered into “MalePatriarch,” or “WomanGazer.” This Dude is a Dude who can be a Dude, but also respect everyone and give them their freedoms. Act as an individual, but be equal with others in share. Perhaps, the Fonz? I don’t know. Ideally, it is a very hard concept for most men to attain if they wish to join in with other Dudes. But guys, let’s face it – we were all Dudes, thought like Dudes, are Dudes.

The real term that should be used for the commonly chosen “Dude,” should be Pig. I can’t say that everyone should change the terminology simply because I suggest it, but I find it hard to count all the times conversations have lead to calling dirty men Pigs. What I do ask, rather, is that we make it perfectly clear what kind of Dude we are referring to when speaking of Dudes. The bandwagon can often become confused, if we are all implying different Dudes, but all saying Dude. Not to mention, Dude is the main personal-pronoun all my friends use for each other. We’re just cool like that, Dude.

Nightmare on Earth

Howdy Folks,

I have decided to take a step in another direction to lead you away from reality for a moment. Heed my words, good citizens and civilians! I had a dream the previous night where I lived a true nightmare. It was beyond horrible. It is the true experience of a lucid dream that horrified me, but not really the act of dreaming. I am no prophet, NO PROPHET.  I MUST EMPHASIZE THIS NOW. DSFARGEG. In this dream was what my mind cooked up for the apocalypse, and nothing else. Take it with a grain of salt, and just enjoy the darkness and terror of an earth invasion from an unknown force beyond our own power,  like the Earth itself, can destroy us within a week. Enjoy… or not. Your pick.

Earth was being assaulted, and there were the worst massacres of humans we had ever seen before.

Seattle, Everett, and many other cities like it were entirely wiped out before more than a thousand people could flee, even with organized, military aid. We had thought that as large as Manhattan was, they could save a good percent of people, but in one entire blast, the entire island became a crater – this was how terrible it was.The actual “war” was taking place in rural areas, outskirts of cities, and in mountain ranges. It was almost near-annihilation.

Although this was the case, humanity was very stubborn. The entire EARTH population had decreased down to mere millions of people, or less, with little to no outside communication. This entire period of destruction took place over three days. Only. Three. Days.  It wasn’t like in many movies or stories that were made to spare the audience the horror of humanity perishing – where bodies were evaporated or turned into dust that we can’t mentally relate to. Imagine being the sole survivor, walking down a one way road piled with the stinking, rotting bodies of literally thousands of people. I did find other sole survivors, our group was only twelve strong. I can’t even say “strong.”

There was no food, or water, or shelter – the entire surface was being “glassed” by nuclear weapons from our resistance, or by the unfathomable technologies of the invaders. The ground shimmered like glazed pottery. It was like ice, but hot. Trees had become petrified, buildings were crumbled to nothing but melted concrete, and dusted foundations.

All of us were covered in dust, blood, and very little of that blood was our own. Everywhere became a dustbowl, and visibility was almost nothing. We couldn’t see beyond ten feet from the dust kicked way into the air from the radiation, bombing, and total destruction of all our wonders. Two of our party members simply walked wherever us others walked – their minds were gone. They were utterly traumatized, as we all were in some way, but it was almost as though they had forgotten how to think for themselves. They literally became human cattle. There were only two women in our group. One was utterly devastated as I mentioned above, she and her husband. Another girl my own age, whom I had put my own life into danger to protect. The other people just congregated together was we walked our own paths. In this utter weakness, I had become attached to the girl I saved. She became attached to me too. Our mindset was that if anything ever flourished again, and we could survive this hell, we would not fear the terror and try to birth a child to live on.

Then came the time of reckoning.

These aliens that attacked us, began to strip mine the planet, setting up massive automated engines to dig into our earth, pushing more dust into the sky, and bringing out raw materials for their own efforts.

The atmosphere was almost unbreathable, thick with dust and grime, and chemicals. The humidity seemed beyond 200%. We wandered in nothing but our underwear, and less, keeping the rest of the clothing bundled over our eyes and mouths. It was hopeless to keep the dust from our eyes and mouths, our bodies had become incredibly dry. I had become mad. We wandered upon one of the mining facilities, which we had become aware of how volatile the entire machines were. Although we knew that our own deaths were incredibly inevitable, the others wanted to find some kind of refuge. They were clinging on to hope. I figured that it would soften their deaths, but I decided to give the invaders a final “fuck you.”

I took the girl into my arms, and kissed her. It was a very long kiss. I turned her around, and pushed her away and told her to walk. She did, but with resistance. I couldn’t tell if it were from dehydration, malnutrition, or because she didn’t want me to leave.

The aliens were foolish, and left the mining platforms completely undefended. They thought we were all wiped out. But I found the device that made the entire thing so volatile. A coolant system was already near overloading, it was generated by plasma, or something of that matter. I figured that if I tampered with it, and screwed it up, it would erupt in a massive explosion. Or at least melt down, and ruin the machine beyond repair.

So I spent an hour tinkering, smashing devices, and stopping gears with tools that were laying about. It became very hot, and I knew that I had succeeded. It was going to erupt, sirens began to blare.

I laughed. I yelled “FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU!!”

Then I turned around, and saw the girl there standing. She had followed me back, into the machine, and before we could touch, we were destroyed in a blast that immediately turned us into nothing – not even our atoms remained in the blast.

The image was horrifying.


Modern Problems Are Not Deeper Than Skin

Modern Society or more deviously called the Age of Information makes people all across the globe rush home from work and school to sit upon their rumps and search the vast expanse that which is the internet. Public Media has become the beacon of news for everyone to keep up-to-date about literally everything! Scandals have lead us to believe that our words need to be censored, and all messages must be Politically Correct.

Meaning, the WhiteIdealists can still be racist, without being racist.

Whiteness is an ideal; albeit an impossibly unachievable one, just like Religion vs Non-Religion, and Capitalism vs Communism. It is simply White vs Non-White, in the most rudimentary terms.

As it stands, “Whiteness” is purity. A very rich and acquired Ideal. One may be born with white skin, but that does not mean they are WHITE. Although, simply being White Skinned promotes the idea of being “White.” The Ideal represents the Ultimate Perfection and Imperfection that a single Human can attain (according to those who still believe that being White is supreme). Several people have created a Stereotype for non-Caucasian races. This is in three parts: White (Minority), Minority, Racial Slur (used as an Adjective to describe the third part).  All three parts are an “Assumed Ideal,” similar to Stereotyping. It is a rather sick way of separating those who Whites often deem as “redeemable and not redeemable” according to the oldest, perhaps most archaic White definitions (only today probably they are the background score to a movie promoting racial equality).

In simple LayPeople terms, WhiteMinority is this Minority, being Black, Brown, Yellow, or whatever non-White, has eventually worked their way to becoming a “Model Citizen.” Back in the mid 1900’s, America devised the “Model Citizen” cliche that symbolized hard-working Americans who could read, write and pledge their support to their home country, would be a Model Citizen. Racism in the WhiteMinority stereotype is based on the Model Citizen being White – though not always WhiteSkinned. A prim and proper, educated male or female were known as the Models of Society, who rose from lesser ranks to become the leaders of our future. (Well, more like our Congressmen today who ignore those who they represent for their own agendas). Essentially, the WhiteMinority are Bona-fide Whites  — today, not back then with “whites only”.

The people who are boxed under minority are either immigrants or middle-class workers that have the ability to attain the ideal of Whiteness (Of course, inside every POC is a WhiteMan struggling to come out).  It is believed that through hard work, perseverance and practice, that these people can leave their Minority Status behind, (even though their skin is still not White) and provide progress to society as a whole. In the sense that they have the option to “leave a part of themselves behind,” it is another form of bigotry from those who would be required to approve of their Whiteness — I am looking at you Sarkozy.  Of course, the main problem of even trying to be a Model Citizen is that you may not be qualified as a unique individual to join an Army of Same. All Model Citizens are the same, pretty much. Down to the core.

(Insert Racial Expletive here) are the people Whites believe are a class so low in the Minority that it is fair to be racist towards them, simply because there is an assumption that they will never give back to society. Typically those who call people spicks, niggers, chinks, wops, and etc. are not only being racist, but they are also singling out Minorities who are otherwise assumed to be worthless. It is how WhiteIdealists can be racist without being racist. Instead of creating the intention in their minds of being truly racist towards others by using those slurs, they have changed all the meanings to something such as “stupid,” or “useless.” For some reason, those I know personally who consider themselves “White” do not use the term Nigger as a slur against Blacks – because of just how they use it. What is it called when a WhiteMale calls his friend — a WhiteMale —  a Nigger?

Stupidity, for one. But America truly has a very large taboo or a fetish even, for using Politically Correct terms and racism combined. No matter which you choose, you may be assumed to be a racist simply because by the time you go to use the “politically correct” term it’s changed again. Much like this poem by Norbese Phillips :

I always thought I was a Negro
till I was Coloured
West Indian, till I was told
that Columbus was wrong
in thinking he was west of India —
that made me Carribean.
And throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s,
I was sure I was Black,
Now Black is passé,
African de rigeur,
and me, a chameleon of labels.

A person in my shoes is worried constantly whether to say someone is Black, or African American. For one, choosing “black” is considered racist because “he isn’t really black, his skin is closer to a brown.” It doesn’t make sense in our attribute terminology to call someone a Brown Man in America, because people just would not get it. You have to specify that somewhere in his family chain someone grew up in Africa, and immigrated here either as a slave or a traveler. Yet, a White Man who is an American, although somewhere along the family chain someone came from Ireland, he isn’t called Irish American – just American. So the American assumption, and the world assumption maybe, is that American refers to White Americans. Wait, aren’t we forgetting the brown people who lived here before us? The First Nation? Natives? Oh wait, they lost those little wars. So we’re better, we get acknowledged first. *Sigh.*

Many in America would argue that the word Nigger exists simply as a word – because overall, Racism has “decreased” globally. Oh, how wrong they are! Although it is true that the idea of such racial slurs are now stuck within our minds, we can not simply delete the idea from our brains like we can on the Internet. So instead of trying to get the word out of our languages, they give it new but just as harmful meanings. What does the same thing? Political Correction. The Word-Play Puppet of Whites. Notice how most Politically Correct words often contain the original statement or meaning in parentheses? African Male is (Black),  Hispanic Female is (Mexican), and a Japanese Foreigner is (Asian),  Caucasian Male  (White),  Little Person (Midget),  Hard of Hearing Persons (Deaf People),  Communists (Red Devils).

In the true spectrum of light, Whiteness does not decrease racism – nor does being a Model Citizen respect all people that they should represent towards. In fact, it creates even MORE prejudice. Being the nigh-perfect White Male ( as society reveres it) just means that he is also the pompous ass of a man that declares greatness, and never gives it back to those who he is above.

So why are most WhiteSkinned men seen as WhiteMales? Because of their Skin. When someone is born white, they are born into royalty of sorts – and provided a privilege. They can never be rid of that privilege – no matter what they do to stop its ever-raging rampage.

Constant efforts of re-orienting my innate privilege is indeed a large task. I am inching slowly towards abandoning this royalty treatment. My supervisor is Muslim, a Pakistani of non-white origins, who is now beginning his fasting of Ramadan. He was surprised to learn about my knowledge and respect for the Muslim people, and their devotion to their faith. I explained something I did way back in Middle School when I was only 13 years old.

There was a Muslim boy in our class, of brown skin. Here, I sat as a young white-male of Catholic origin. There are American tales of Catholics and Muslims being at each others’ throats, arguing, fighting, and being complete strangers to each other because of their different faiths. Yet here we were, sitting in class when the teacher (oblivious to his practice) asked him why he did not eat lunch with the others. He explained that it was because of Ramadan and he could not eat during the day. A few other classmates snickered, and made fun of him at lunch. Teased him with food, pressured him to betray his faith. Here I intervened, sat next to him, and tossed my entire lunch – without having a bite – into the trash. I knew that I was going to starve. I did not care, because then they would have to fight with ME. My skin may have been a privilege, to be sure, but I protected him because he was my FRIEND. Our differing faiths did not matter, because we worship the same god. Our skin color did not matter, because we were suffering. What mattered is that we chose to follow our faith, and never let someone ever destroy it.

My supervisor and my coworker were in awe. He thanked me for being so understanding, and having the knowledge and respect for him. Especially in this hot weather, when the days are long and humid. He won’t be eating until well after 10pm. I respect him, too, because although he is very hungry and in pain, he does not reflect his frustration onto us. Maybe tomorrow I will not eat food during daylight hours, in reverence to my old sacrifice for a friend.

Although this is how I am planning on taking steps away from StraightWhiteMalePrivilege, the path will never be easy. Due to the power held within my seat, I will be tempted to return to the weakness.  It is something we all can learn, and what I have struggled to learn thus far. Each of us has a faith, whether we are believers or non believers. We all have emotions, whether we are happy or angry. No one is without the blood we all share. If we cut our palms, and men of differing color shook hands and shared that blood, it would be one in the same. It would be unity through the blood of humanity (Not to mention disease, but that is the sacrifice!). We as people should hurdle over the simple pigment of our skin, and the history tied to the so-called “pure-ness.” Do we all breathe air? Do we live on the planet Earth? Did our beloved mothers and fathers birth us into this place that we all share? What makes any one baby of skin more privileged than the next?

I dream of a day that Whiteness is simply a color for sheets and blankets. When people are not referred to as color, but as People. As I dream under these sheets and blankets, am I hiding? It’s time we went out and made this dream a reality.

Oppression is the Opiate of the Weak

Here in America we see all sorts of oppression: the KKK against all non-white races, job discrimination against sexes and races, as well as opposing gays in the military branches. Once in a while, we the WhiteFolk, try to walk into oppression to say, that we too, are oppressed.

When reading ‘A Lesson Before Dying‘ in the 12th grade of High School, we learned the difference between racism as a general claim and also Chromism. To be easily defined, Chromism is the racism between shades of colors in a particular race. A darker black might be Chromist against a lighter black, simply because a WhiteMale or WhiteFemale had birthed that mixed child. The darker in most races, the most pure to their race. Hatred in this form is just as aggressive as the rest, but Whitefolk have something else oppressing us. Becoming the supposed Minority.

The more minor we as a race we become, the more afraid we are. The Klan will do anything to grow in number against others, employees may be jealous of their different-race co-workers. All the while, the WhiteFolk make it harder on themselves in many, many ways that a lot of people do not see, or fail to see. This falls into the Chromism category, though it mostly has to do with the Region you were born in, and How Much Money You Earn Yearly. For us and other races, we are fighting from multiple fronts within our own core.

Rememeber this. Always.

Remember this. Always.

This doesn’t mean that we as a RACE are being oppressed. Individuals from any race, including WhiteFolk such as I, can claim to be oppressed. Simply, because we all are, to some degree. In general, it is a matter of perspective and experience. Anyone who works for minimum wage (currently $8.55/hour) may be overworked, and consider themselves “oppressed.” In addition, if a white male and a black female apply for the same job, should the black female attain the job instead of the white male, he will claim oppression – despite how much more experience she may have over him that got her the job in the first place. So we see the idea and perspective of oppression all the time. Now in my experience where I work, a general thrift-store, I work with a large variety of races. In my team alone, we have four WhiteMales, including myself. An older KoreanMale, a BlackMale, a HispanicMale, and a WhiteFemale. Our supervisors are a BlackMale, a PakistaniMale, and a WhiteFemale. We all work effectively together as a team, regardless of our races or age. This makes me rather proud to be working where I do.

WhiteFolk who say they are being oppressed – really aren’t. Not the way they like to think they are anyway.

For one, it is nigh-impossible for a WhiteStraightMale to be oppressed. It is almost impossible for him NOT to be a racist (unless the said person works very hard to erase this bigotry). I know this to be true, because I cannot say that I haven’t sinned against my fellow people. People, as in, everyone. All people. I don’t treasure WhiteFolk as “my people.”

Entry into humansim: If we all treasure all people as our people, then we will be free.

The main point of this post now is to define WhiteStraightMale oppression. Quite literally, it is impossible for a WSM to be oppressed. At any time, he can use extreme racism and racist defense to win any argument, if he even needs to go that route. In American Schools, WhiteStraightMales bully each other. But when someone that they can all agree they dislike comes along, they all join together to bully that individual. Only after they have broken him/her, will they continue to bully each other. White individuals are less likely to be a part of some gang, than Blacks or Hispanics, and there is a very important reason. Chromism. Gangs fight one another, even if they are the same race, mainly due to Region, Chromism, or Money. But there is only one kind of WhitePerson: White. In their own race, there are people like Rednecks, CityFolk, Suburbians, and Urbanites. They can all agree on one point: We’re White. If a gang decides to declare war against any one WhitePerson, you can bet that there will be three times as many WhiteFolks joining together against that gang than there is inside the gang. Mainly: The Police. Gangs often succumb to violence because they are completely surrounded, and tiny compared to Whitey, and the Police. Since they are more aggressive, it comes with the awful price of being targets to the FBI, CIA, and Civil Protection. Yet if they do not react with aggression, they will simply be oppressed by WhiteFolk. No matter where they turn, they are being put down. Their only real options are to succumb to which ever vice they can seek, or become “White” and internalize this “Whiteness”.

This is old news, but WhiteFolk have something known as Racial Privilege. Considering all the wars that WhiteMen have waged and won, all the nations they have uprooted, and all the peoples they have enslaved, and even those who they helped for being helped, there is a terrible moral code that makes other colors fear or hate Whiteness. Although, I may mention that Whiteness does not always only refer to WhiteFolk. On the contrary, Whiteness is considered an IDEAL.

Another reason why WhiteFolk cannot be so easily oppressed, is simply because we have not been enforced as slaves since the Greek and Roman times. Even after slavery was abolished, Nation-Wide racism boils today. Racism against the WhiteManDevil is impossible. Well, to correct myself, you CAN be racist against him, but it will get you no where. It won’t work in court, it won’t work at a job, or at school. Except in the rare cases where it does. As long as the WhiteMan, or any other race give it a shiny name and a new look, so it isn’t “technically racist.”  See: Affirmative Action; a BlackMale getting his way simply because WhiteFolk in general owned slaves just over a hundred years ago, as opposed to a BlackMale getting his way because certain WhiteFolk are racist towards him. The latter, I believe, is an option. Although, all people must be entitled to be able to report against racism, and have the claim be investigated. If we can all try, good people, the investigation should go by without bias.

Oh yes, Bias is a way to oppress ANYONE. Example: Republicans and Democrats; their wars while Society suffers in their wake. Males vs. Feminists, despite the neutrality and equality of Humanism lingering beneath both parties. People who prefer Coke to Pepsi, there will always be a bias, and most of all bias’ start at HOME.

And this it’s important to note that I had to tread very carefully during this post. Any single hint of bias or racism can easily throw my entire point away. My reputation would be diminished, and all validity to the general society, my people, would be gone. A little Bias, and then I’m nothing. And this is true of all people who use bias as their operating handle.

If we cut open our flesh and looked inside, beneath our skin, we would see that everything is the same. Our hearts, our minds, and our feelings are the same. Shouldn’t we treat each other the same way as we treat ourselves, as though we were inside-out?