Ach, mit der Poodles

So recently it has become a duty of mine to overshadow my sister BLOG! “Oi, With The Poodles Already.” I also post numerous guest posts there, which has partly been why I have not posted here! In addition, there isn’t much a do for this blog yet.

Here is  a cool development: My job has a great perk! Money! With that money, I spent $50 of it on the outlines for my most recent tattoo! This picture is what it looks like, upon my right forearm (nearest to the wrist.)

The Tattoo of Wallamazoo

It's pretty neat!

Ah yes, about work! I am finally experiencing my first Full-Time job! At my employer’s domain, full time is 32 hours for the minimum work. I however work 40 hours a week! In a single month, I am close to $2000. Per year, that is $24,000. Before taxes and social security, and medical, that is.  However, I only get two days off of work per week, and I am usually too tired to post on either BLOG!.

Oh, on topic… I want to mention that although I do take blogging seriously and I keep myself responsible for proper duties, I am not a serious blogger in terms of daily posts. Rather, I can’t be! Various reasons! Sleep, food, friends, work, and so forth! Woe is me, that I have such a tight schedule. Even today, on my day off, I have to baby sit for god knows how long, but it means that I don’t even have ME time. Scheiße.

Any way, here’s a poem I posted on “Oi, With The Poodles Already.”

Heads up folks! Tomorrow I am going to write a post about Marriage, and my view on it in conjunction with a conversational piece with jaded16 of “Oi, With The Poodles Already.”



Just WHO is Wallamazoo??

If anyone does or doesn’t know, I am a writer and artist of my own comics. As of this moment, my comics and drawings do not have their own name. So far, it’s just Fluh Fluh Fluh. Originally, it was Random Comix. HOW ORIGINAL IS THAT? NOT AT ALL!!!

Actually, Wallamazoo is a character of my art that I love soooo much! He is a pink, yellow-bellied dragon with green wings! Some day I hope he will get his own cartoon on Cartoon Network. Animation is important though, and I have no talent in animation!

So yeah, nothing really interesting here about Wallamazoo. Also, all is well!

FOLKS! Here it is…


...he is awesome

Collective Sea

Here we are all gathered,
In a collective sea of minds.
One rises from the endless ocean,
And is where all can see.
There I will watch you,
Rising above us all.

Through the waves and masses,
I wander towards you.
Beneath you, I see your feet.
Your eyes are closed,
And your body is naked.

All the ocean looks upon you,
And you open your eyes to see.
But you do not see me.
You see but an endless sea.
Yet you never see just me.
As I see only you above.

Beneath you I walk away,
To leave the endless sea
Of collective minds are we,
So I may leave this place.
I leave my heart behind,
So that you may yet see.

During my tempest of escape,
I turn towards you.
For a moment, your eyes are on me.
A glance, then you look away.
All the while I wonder,
If you ever saw just me.

Near the edge I take a look,
One last look at you.
You are above us all.
You are above me.
My heart is below you,
In a sea of collective minds.

Take on Reality, with the UnReality


Welcome again, monitor staring devices of thoughts and flesh, I bid you a great day!

Now, I’m sure that many Americans can agree that here, we have a certain social stigma with Independence as opposed to Social Dependence! Confused? Allow me to explain. Many times have I traveled to Seattle from my humble abode in Lynnwood, WA, and felt a great presence in the city. However, the presence isn’t the people involved with the city, but rather something else… < no link there, just something. When I walk through the city, my main urge is to stay quiet, or avoid people while I walk down the street. At times, I break this urge and say hello to passing folks. Based on opinionated statistical theorem, 7/10 people will ignore me, or react negatively. The other 3/10 either look in my general direction, or say a quick “hi.” Is it so true that saying “hello” is a waste of time, even though your pace of walking will not change?

That is a tidbit of the stigma that I am talking about! As humans, because of the changing lifestyles having due to technology, mass-jobs, and personal issues, we have become prone to Social Independence. Thankless to Technological-Rape such as Facebook, Myspace, Myyearbook, and so forth, millions of users and trolls have taken to the internet to make their personal lives! But why? One of my hundreds of billions of conclusions is that it’s easier! On Chatroulette, you can sort out which of your friends will whip out their cock, or actually sit there and talk! (ooh, rhyme!)

JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE, people will turn you down! Not only that, but you can learn much easier on the internet how they really think in real life! This is because, everything comes out on the internet! I mean, if you bitch out someone on the internet, it’s not like you’re gonna see them again, right? < This is the worst wrong EVER.

Take this recent happening on the social networking site known as “Myyearbook” < they could have really tried for another name > where there is this device known as “Chatter.” It is just another form of twitter, (get it??? CHATTER, TWITTER? ) where users can publicly share their useless moods and attributes with people who do not give a shit. Unless you’re “hot.” Me, for the record, is not a “hot guy” because I don’t have 12,000 abs and no life of my own.

Okay, allow me to make this point: Abs are muscles that show 1. personal work-out and 2. bending over frequently. What is hot about guys that do sit-ups 50,000 times to get those abs? It just seems like they’d also take it up the ass 50,000 times for a fucking medal. WOMEN: YOU JUST MAY BE CONSIDERED A MEDAL WOMAN! How many people actually know what the Trophy Wife is? Tell me in my comments section, seriously!

Where the fuck was I going with this? No where, I suppose. Shit. Back to the “Chatter” thingy. Yes, well, as you know it is public! There is no way around it, unless you simply avoid posting in the Chatter device! Almost all the posts now from people are “i’m bored, whine” or “OMGOD, RATE ME!!! 1. SEX ME, 2. LICK MY ASSHOLE, 3. DATE ME. 4. …ETC…” So any way, some girl decides she’s going to respond to one of those “rate me” questions using the ASK feature with a vulgar and disgusting reply of slicing him open, and spreading his organs around her room. Sexy, I know. Well I thought it was pretty awesome, so I commented as such. Then after some time, she mentioned she could have done better than her original post. So I responded with something HORRIFYING. In reply, she asked how I became involved in her life and chatter messages. DUH, IT’S PUBLIC!


Now, like I was saying about the Social Independence and Social Dependence argument. How can someone claim to be Socially Independent, when they post something on Twitter, or Chatter so that people can respond? It’s because they’re claiming to be something they’re not!

blah! this post is terrible! I am going to post it any way. Ciao!

A Fresh Start, and all that business

I guess I am welcome to this new place? Ah well, hopefully I will get a little more traffic coming along. You see, I also have another blog with Viral Joy of Disgust (1) over at and well… I get absolutely no traffic. It means a lot to me to actually have viewers reading the loads of crap I write, because otherwise I am just talking to myself! Honestly, I do that enough already on my own, why take it to the internet too? Makes little sense to do so.

Enough of that junk. Below is my link, I don’t feel like writing anything else right now!